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Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

It symbolizes Surya. A wearer of this rudraksha can free himself from the fear of fire and diseases, he can acquire wealth and happiness. It provides quality of leadership and control over people.

The power of this rudraksha equals the power of 12 suns. If any enemy thinks of causing harm to the wearer of twelve mukhi rudraksha, then the enemy himself suffers. Even the secret enemies cannot cause any harm to the wearer of twelve mukhi rudraksha. The wearer never suffers from poverty. Twelve mukhi rudraksha is very rare. Twelve mukhi rudraksha brings glamour in a person. It is very effective for people who are less energetic. It is very useful in diseases like jaundice. There is a reflection of personality in a person on wearing twelve mukhi rudraksha. There is no fear of weapons. No black magic is effective on the wearer of twelve mukhi rudraksha.

Twelve mukhi rudraksha is a bead having twelve lines originating from top to bottom. This rudraksha is blessed by Sun. It is also called Dwadash- aditya. Due to the blessing of immense power of planet sun this Rudraksha removes the lethargic attitude and increases the radiance and positive attitude towards life. A twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Surya (Lord Sun ) who creates a powerful Aura around the wearer. If the Planet Sun is Malefic in the wearer’s horoscope, then its negative effects are also pacified by this Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha improves the Administrative capacity of a person and therefore it is very good for Administrators, Businessmen, and Politicians who should wear this Rudraksha for Name, Fame, Wealth and Power.

This Rudraksha belongs to Twelve Panth. In actual it was originally 12 and a half path initially. The world is run by Terah Mukh i.e. four faced Brahmma, Tri(three) Mukh Vishnu, Chah(six) Mukhi Shankar. The wearer of this Rudraksha get all the blessing of the above deities and get the Darshan of all of them. All these powers remains with the wearer of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha removes all the sins. The person who wear this Rudraksha get Punya equivalent to the donating 108 cows.

  • The wearer of a Twelve mukhi Rudraksha becomes Energetic, Brilliant, Radiant and Strong like Lord SUN.
  • As per ancient vedic text, this Rudraksha is said to help in curing diseases caused by an adverse placement of the SUN in a horoscope such as diseases of the right eye, bones, mental anxiety, problems with elders and heart ailments.
  • This Rudraksha is also said to represent ” twelve Jyotirlingas ” as well as twelve forms of “ Aditya ” i.e. Lord Sun.
  • All the worries, fears, and suspicions of a person are removed by wearing this Rudraksha.
  • Any person who wears this Twelve mukhi Rudraksha is able to lead a more Happier, Healthier and a Wealthier Life.
  • This rudraksha is recommended for : Curing diseases of the eyes, Mental Disorders, Bone Diseases, Indigestion, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Problems of Intestine, Diseases of Heart, Rickets and Osteporosis. It also has influence on body organ: Cerebral hemisphere, Hiatus of stomach, Esophagus.
  • It is said that the wearer of this Rudraksha gets the benefits of donating thousand cows and performing thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas.
  • Those people who generally make wrong decision in haste should definitely wear this Rudraksha.
  • As per ancient vedic texts, this Rudraksha is said to help in body pains, backache, chronic alcoholism & liver diseases.

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